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Guest Schedule for November
Tuesday, November 1st:  Carol Sexton with the Pulaski County Public Library

Wednesday, November 2nd:  Dianna Winstead and Laura Glover with The Center

Thursday, November 3rd:  Leanne Weddle with Campbellsville University Somerset

Friday, November 4th:  Tammy and Kate from The Mole Hole of Somerset

Monday, November 7th:  Dr. Brandi Prather, pediatric dentist in Somerset

Friday, November 11th:  Steve Kelley, County Judge Executive, Pulaski County

Monday, November 14th:  Laura, Livia, and Tim from the Russell Springs Star Theater



Recent Words:
Several years ago during the Winter, I was riding in a horse drawn carriage
through the historic portion of Lexington’s 
downtown late at night.
The carriage passed by a tall brick building on my right.  I leaned forward
and looked up to take a glance 
at what was going on inside the building.
Its large, paned windows provided the view of one of the most beautiful
sites I had 
ever seen.  Inside this brick buidling, I saw people dancing.
They were dressed in costume from the 1920’s.  The spinning women
donned the flapper dresses and the cloche hats.  The men all wore
black tuxedoes. It was as if The Great Gasby had come alive.

In the distance behind the dancers, a waiter wearing a black tuxedo with a
white napkin drapped over his left arm and with a tray of cocktails held
above his head with his right arm, walked through a door.  Above the door,
glowing in a white light, were the words, “Five Words in White Neon.”
At the time, I had no idea if these beautiful words had significance.  And –
only relatively recently have I learned the words, may in fact, have history.

Joseph Kosuth is an American conceptual artist.  Most of his work
originated in the 1960’s.  In keeping with the purpose of conceptual art,
Kosuth wanted to create art void of emotion – which I do not like.
He wanted to focus on the beauty and meaning of words – which I love.
He wanted his art to “get to the point” of its subject matter – no time
wasted on trying to figure out its meaning.  He focused on the
“prominence of language.”  Joseph Kosuth created a piece shown below.
As you see, the work is “Five Words in Green Neon.”  I am unable
to find a piece created by Kosuth displaying “Five Words in White Neon,”
but the words above the door through which the waiter walked in the
brick building looked liked the below, only the words were in white neon
and read, “Five Words in White Neon.”  I am going to assume that
these five words in white neon are a nod to Kosuth’s work.  The picture
to the right of  “Five Words in Green Neon” is an Andy Warhol image of a
1960’s Joseph Kosuth.

I, on most days, take pleasure in writing.  I have wanted to for a very
long time, write a work in some literary form and title it “Five Words
in White Neon.” I found these words beautiful, profound, and
minimalistic.  I was trying to find the perfect story to tell, perhaps
focusing on five words, that would make sense being titled “Five Words
in White Neon.”  But today, I thought about what exactly made me fall
in love with five such simple words.  My answer to myself – I have no idea.
I cannot find logic to explain why I think about these five words so often.
So, why not title my blog “Five Words in White Neon.”  The title makes
no sense corresponding to its subject matter – but I do not care.  For one
of the first times in my life I am saying, “I do not care!”
The words are beautiful and Joseph Kosuth’s work is profound
and minimal.  Today, just enjoy beauty as beauty – and just like the
conceptual artist – try not to find multiple and hidden meanings in all
that is around you.  Sometimes, things are just as they seem, and what you
find beautiful is not always supposed to be analyzed, just enjoyed.
(The words “sometimes” and “not always” are important here!)