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Pulaski County Man Charged With Attempted Murder

07-29-14  A Pulaski County man is in jail, accused of badly beating another man. Jason Gambrel, of Science Hill, is charged with attempted murder and robbery. Police say Gambrel caused severe head injuries to Derek Kissee, age 23, of Somerset. According to court records, Gambrel was the last person in Kissee's company. Kissee was allegedly robbed of $700 and then brutally beaten. He reportedly suffered multiple skull fractures. Kissee was found by two men at the old Hanson mine on Mullin Station Road in Rockcastle County. Police aren't sure if that's where the beating took place. Kissee is being treated for his injuries at UK Hospital.


Sheriff's Office Warns of Potential Phone Scam

07-28-14  The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office issued a phone scam alert on Monday. The reported calls are apparently being made from an automated call machine which is capable of fooling the caller I.D. to show that the call is coming from a number that you would recognize and trust, sometimes even your own number. The sheriff's office would like the public to know that the technology exists to alter the caller I.D. information that shows up on your phone, and may be used to trick victims into giving out personal information such as credit card numbers. At this point, officials are not clear as to what the caller may say or ask for but they're warning that if you get a suspicious call where you see your own phone number show up on the caller I.D., hang up on the caller or just ignore the call.


Ft. Cambell Soldier Wanted For Sexual Abuse Arrested

07-25-14  A Fort Cambell soldier wanted on sexual abuse charges has been arrested. Master Sergeant James Johnson, 31, was arrested in Tennessee by the U.S. Marshals Service on Wednesday. Johnson is wanted by the Christian County Sheriff's office in Kentucky for failure to appear on 120 counts of 1st degree sexual abuse of a victim under the age of 12. Johnson was originally arrested by Kentucky authorities on June 20, 2012 for sexual abuse of a minor. He was released on bond the same day. Johnson has also been charged by the Army as a military deserter after leaving his unit at Fort Cambell. Johnson was lodged in the Williamson County, Tennessee jail pending extradition to Kentucky.


Man Wanted in Washington Arrested in Somerset

07-24-14  A fugitive wanted in the state of Washington has been arrested in Somerset, Kentucky. Officials say Johnathan Derita, 31, who is wanted for failure to register as a sex offender, was caught walking on South Central Avenue in Somerset Monday night. Police say they are investigating Derita's connection to stolen property. He'll face a Pulaski County judge before he's extradited back to Washington.


Device Explodes at Lexington High School

07-23-14  Activities at all five Fayette County public high schools were cancelled Wednesday after three homemade pop bottle bombs were found in the school's back parking lot. One of the bombs exploded around 8:40 Wednesday morning at Lafayette High School, right in front of where the school's color guard was practicing. Lexington Fire and Police said the explosion damaged one car and sprayed liquid on some bags. Students said the explosion was loud and sent the pop bottle flying about 20 feet. Police officers said two other pop bottle bombs did not detonate. Lexington Police Department's Hazardous Devices Unit responded to the explosion.


19-Year-Old Dies After Boating Accident

07-22-14  A young Ohio man is dead after a Sunday evening boating accident on Lake Cumberland. Adam Sharp, 19, of Greenfield, Ohio was pronounced dead around 7:25 p.m. Sunday. Officials say he was a passenger on a watercraft in the Buffalo Ridge area of the lake in Wayne County, when he was struck by another watercraft. Sharp was taken to Wayne County Hospital, where he died. The incident is still being investigated by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department.


Russell County Prosecuter Accused of Affair With Defendant

07-18-14  The Russell County Commonwealth's Attorney has been accused of having an affair with and impregnating a defendant whom he prosecuted for felony drug trafficking. Matthew Leveridge is alleged to have carried on a two-month long sexual relationship with Lashley Sartain, then filing a motion to end her probation after she told Leveridge's wife about the affair. Leveridge cited a pending misdemeanor shoplifting charge as his reason for revoking Sartain's probation in the drug case. After filing the motion, Leveridge disqualified himself. Wayne County Attorney Thomas Simmons took over the case and withdrew the motion.


Defense Questions Mental Stability of Accused Murderer

07-17-14  The man charged with murdering a prominent local attorney will see his case go before a grand jury. According to a report in the Commonwealth Journal, the lawyer for alleged murderer Clinton Inabnit has questions about Inabnit's mental health in the days leading up to the June 27 shooting that left Somerset criminal defense attorney Mark Stanziano dead. "There were some things my client said that were testified to that tend to lend credence to the fact he might have not been in his complete right mind when this happened," said Richard Leary, Inabnit's court-appointed attorney, after Thursday's hearing. Inabnit, 40, appeared in Pulaski District Court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing, held to determine whether enough evidence could be presented by prosecuters to move the case to the grand jury for a possible indictment. Pulaski District Judge Scott Lawless found probable cause to move the murder case forward.


Pulaski County Man Indicted on Assault Charges

07-16-14  A Pulaski County Man was indicted on assault charges after being involved in a fight in April. According to police, 40-year-old Chris Gilmore fought with his father at G & G Auto in Bronston, which is operated by the Gilmore family. Chris Gilmore reportedly choked his father and pulled a knife on him. In a separate indictment, Gilmore is charged in connection to a purse theft in February. Gilmore was allegedly seen using a debit card from the purse at a Somerset business.