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Meet Doug Nelson

Candidate for Mayor of the City of Somerset


Doug Nelson, the City of Somerset’s retired Chief of Police, with nearly 30 years of law enforcement service to Somerset and Pulaski County, has announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Somerset.

Nelson,51, is concerned about the financial stability of the city, which is currently $76 million in debt.  The current mayor has a history of spending more taxpayer money than the city is taking in each year, while the city’s credit rating continues with a negative outlook.

The current smoke and mirrors show reports the city has millions of dollars in the bank but fails to inform the citizens of Somerset that most of that money is restricted and cannot be touched.

Nelson vows, if elected, to cut wasteful spending and bring stability and responsible leadership back to the city.

“The fundamental responsibilities of a mayor is to be ethically and financially responsible and accountable to all the citizens of their city,” says Nelson.  “Favoritism, wasteful spending, and financial uncertainty have no place in our city.”

Nelson is a 1984 graduate of Pulaski County High School and a 1988 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Administration and a minor in Corrections and Juvenile Justice.

He is a graduate of the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training’s Executive Development program with 15 years of executive experience handling nearly $40 million in budget allotments over his tenure.  Nelson’s commitment to financial responsibility dates back to his time as a police executive.  “For 10 years prior to my 2017 retirement as the Chief of Police, I always ended each fiscal year under budget.”

Nelson holds supervisor, manager, executive, instructor and chief executive certificates from the Kentucky Law Enforcement Counsel.

He has received executive and instructor-level training in leadership from the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville, University of Indianapolis, Louisiana State University, the Cooper Institute, the National Institute of Ethics, the Center for Leadership Studies, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

“I ask for your vote to help me bring responsible leadership and financial accountability to the mayor’s office,” said Nelson.

The non-partisan primary election takes place Tuesday, May 22, 2018.