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Meet G. Tiger Robinson

Candidate for Pulaski County Judge Executive



In March of 1981, I along with my brothers Kellie(Tracy), Scott(Angie), and Jamie(Tammy) came to Pulaski when my father, Bro. Gilbert (Rita) Robinson was called to pastor a church. I am married to Loretta Robinson and have two children, Kyle and Leeann, and one grandson, Mazen. I have a passion to serve the citizens of Pulaski County. I am the only candidate with over 19 years of experience in County Government.


I worked for Pulaski County Government from December 1997 until December 2016. When I began, my office was located in the back of the Courthouse in a 12×12 office which I shared with my secretary. During those 19 years we came a long way. In 2002, we applied for a Federal Grant and received 1.1 million dollars; this was one of the largest Federal Grants ever awarded to Pulaski County. Using the Fire Sinking Fund and the Federal Grant, we were able to purchase 18 acres of land and develop Building 1 of the Hal Rogers Fire Training Center. I worked with the County Treasurer overseeing this building project. We moved from the Courthouse to the Hal Rogers Fire Training Center in 2003.


Starting in 2002, we were able to build a sub-station for both Dabney and Firebrook Fire Departments. Following this, 7 more sub-stations were built, lowering the ISO insurance rating for over half the county. We were also able to build a new Rescue Squad and Hazmat Building.

In 2005, we were able to construct Building 2 at the Fire Training Center. Shortly after, in 2009, the Training Tower was built and in 2013 the Training Building and Equipment Shed were developed.


Other than buildings, we were able to repair all the old outdated Pumper trucks and homemade Tanker trucks for the Fire Departments. Beginning in 2001, we purchased 34 Class A Pumpers with an average price of $250,000, not counting Tanker and Support Units. I was responsible for all the spec work, bidding, and purchasing of these units. Each of these units belong to Pulaski County Government- NO LEASE. I have the knowledge to manage a large budget and oversee large purchases. My last project as Public Safety Director was working with Parkers Mill Fire Department, Pulaski County Fiscal Court, and the City of Somerset to purchase a Ladder truck and a Class A Pumper.


Throughout 19 years I have worked with 4 County Judge Executives and 15 Magistrates. I regularly attended Fiscal Court meetings during this time. I have been to Washington DC to consult with Congressman Hal Rogers and other Congressmen on the need for statewide Federal Grants.


Working alongside the Pulaski County School System, we were able to implement emergency management plans and help train all school staff in what do to in any type of incident.  I also worked with the KSP and local law enforcement agencies to train staff in active shooter procedures.  Again, with the assistance of local emergency personnel and Pulaski County Schools we helped high school students become aware of the dangers associated with drunk driving.  Each year, students are given the opportunity to participate in a mock disaster drill involving an impaired driver.




In 2007, I was appointed to the Kentucky State Fire Commission Board by Governor Ernie Fletcher and remained on the Board until 2016.  At this time, I took a job with KCTCS State Fire Rescue Training to serve as the Fleet Maintenance Director for the State of Kentucky. From 2013 to 2016 I served as Chairman of State Fire Commission. I was nominated and voted in by my peers for this position.


As Pulaski County Judge Executive, I will continue to use over 19 years of knowledge in County Government to get Pulaski County up to PAR.


P – Productive

A – Accountable

R – Responsible


I have attended countless training workshops with our County Magistrates throughout the state to gain knowledge on how our County Government works.  I would like to thank everyone in county government and all emergency personnel for their commitment and dedication to Pulaski County.  All that has been accomplished would not have been possible without your support.


I ask for your vote on May 22nd.